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How I met Sarah Moon this Monday...

"Are you a photographer too?" - Sarah Moon asked me.
My heart jumped, jumped again and I said: "...Yes, I am. I am a photographer too... an emerging one..."
OMG, this was an unforgettable moment!

I said all my thanks to her for the body of work which is constantly inspiring, personally important for me, deep and enthralling! The Tales series most of all, but I like the unique unglamorous way she sees fashion. I am so lucky I've met her, talked to her a bit.

I must say that now, after I met her, I understand much deeper the magic of her photography! during the first part of the meeting we've been watching The Mermaid of Auderville - not as a series of photos, but as a short movie, then Sarah answered the questions. Another movie, based on the photo series - The Black Riding Hood - have not been shown to the audience that evening, because Sarah was disappointed by the quality and contrast of the screen copy. So the Black Riding Hood is now on show in Moscow Multimedia Art Museum.

Sarah Moon signed me a cover of little red moleskine - I'm going to put that tiny piece of paper inside one of her books on my shelf, to magnify the inspiration :))) She's gorgeous & very witty, answering all kinds of questions russian audience prepared. I didn't record neither the questions, nor Sarah's answers, but below I share 5 I liked the most as I remember them. The frankness and simplicity, constant for everything she'd said, impressed me. Through her answers we could see the real person, not a mask, but a delicate human soul, no matter how weird the questions were. 

"What were you afraid of as a child? - was the last question on the meeting. "As a child? Mmm, I was afraid of darkness..." - Sarah Moon reckoned. 
Who gives you inspiration?

 There's a big list, but as the names popped up: Bergman, Fellini, Zvyagintsev(!), Francis Bacon, Virginia Woolf, Diane Arbus, Michael Akkerman... (And we see all of them inside her works!) :)

How have you developed your style? - I wasn't making myself do anything special, I do what I like the most and keep repeating it. The repetition of what you like moves you towards your style.

What's the difference between art & a regular snapshot? - You can't do pictures thinking: I'm going to make some art today, this is completely false. For sure, sometimes a snapshot can become a piece of art. But Art is never there when you are calling it like this, by its name. You can't summon it to the warm bed you've prepared. It's always a coincidence, a moment that happened, a miracle of some kind. And hard work!

You're such a happy, smiling, pleasant person, how come your pictures are so dark, eerie, gloomy? Sarah laughs: - Thank you... may be it's how I let all my dark thoughts come out to light, and I'm happy sharing it like this...
For some more Q&A with Sarah Moon, check out this one and the other one, more about fashion.
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