Ginger tail (gingertail) wrote,
Ginger tail

Sarah Moon & Lee Friedlander

(c) Sarah Moon

Sunday evening I spent visiting 2 long anticipated photography exhibitions in Multimedia Art Museum: Sarah Moon and Lee Friedlander...

Black Riding Hood by Sarah Moon was totally mind blowing. What disturbs you the most is not shown in pictures, not even in words. It's the silence, pace & sounds...the puzzle completes itself inside your head. The purity of form to say the unsaid, to convey what at first you're even afraid to think about.

It is essential to see the pictures first, for an inner personal dialog, then move to watch the whole short film. And then go back through pictures again - the impression grows on you, becomes deeper and massive. I wasn't sure I can look on anything else for about an hour... but still, slowly we moved to the second highlight of the evening.

The thing I really like in Lee Friedlander's America by Car: you have to take like 5 rounds through the whole series & each time u still notice smth peculiar! ... And that's how the road is...the essence of it.

(c) Lee Friedlander

Tags: photo-events
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